Our story

The ideation of Farmantra started when the founder, Saurabh Mishra was pursuing his business management studies in Barcelona, Spain. The idea was bolstered when Dr. Ramon Fernandez joined as a Partner and was given a concrete shape with the help of other industry experts and policy makers who joined Farmantra as Board of Advisors. Encouraged by the response, we shifted our office to Barcelonactiva and started developing international network of experts in emerging and mature markets.

We started with a set of questions such as:

  • How can we execute the projects in different countries besides providing advisory services?
  • Can we provide training to the employees in strategy or basic fundamentals of finance?
  • How could we help companies structure the Licensing deal, value their assets, assess their earning potential of their assets?
  • Is corporate governance important?
  • What are the key areas where we can add value and make a tangible difference to the growth of our client?


Based on these answers, we decided to focus on the following:

  • Valuation for life sciences companies : The business model in life sciences industry is fragmented where biotech companies are developing the compounds till proof of concept and looking to outlicense to big giants such as Novartis, Merck etc. In order to outlicense, they require valuation and deal structuring and in some cases partner identification as well. As an expert at valuation, we can assist you in valuing your company, technology or products with reasonable assumptions.
  • CFO Support : We understand that in many cases even publicly listed companies need support in terms of financial analysis, business plan for debt or equity financing or need due diligence on companies they are looking to invest in. We along with our team that have strong experience leading companies in the past would assist you in managing and developing important financial decisions
  • Market entry strategies for companies in Europe to Asia and Latin America and vice-versa: This comprises joint ventures, strategic alliances, co-development models etc. The projects are executed by our team and international network of expert collaborators in different countries.


We have collaborated with public and private companies and successfully implemented projects in developed and emerging markets.